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Surviving Finals Week

Tips to make the end of the year less stressful
Credit: eduadvisor

Finals Week is coming up! We have  worked very hard this year and it is time for our final exams! Here are some tips to help you do your best during finals week.

Studying for Your Finals

Get a good night’s sleep.
It’s important to go to bed early the night before, so your mind feels refreshed and ready to work. I suggest not going to bed past 10 pm at the latest, because that can affect how many hours of sleep you get and you will feel tired the next morning.

Make a study schedule.
This is very important! You should make a schedule based on what you need to review the most, and start at least one week in advance. Your schedule should be filled with balanced activities. Make sure to include a set time, place and time limits for yourself. Balanced activities could be going outside, playing a sport that you love, listening to music, or just doing a hobby that gives you joy. Don’t spend too much time doing work, because that can drain you mentally. An ideal time to study is during the afternoon for deep focus. Also set time limits for yourself. Try putting a stopwatch on and see how long you can stay focused. This will determine how much time you’ll take.

Test your knowledge.
Also known as the Blurting study method. Write down as much as you know about a specific subject, and then look back at your notes at anything you need to review. It’s okay if you forgot topics you learned, you can always review and refresh your memory. This will help you understand what topics you need to focus on. 

Make a to-do list.
This is highly recommended if you have a lot to study for.  To-do lists help you stay organized. Start by writing the subjects that you are struggling with the most towards the top of the paper and as you go down, write down what you need to review the least. This helps with prioritizing and is beneficial so you don’t get stressed.

Take breaks and reward yourself.
Be sure to take breaks after at least 20 minutes. You may get bored from studying and lose focus. It’s important to step back and recharge so you feel good and give yourself some time.

Taking the Final Exams

Read each question carefully.
It is important that you understand what the questions are asking. Don’t skim through it, because you could get a question wrong or misinterpret what it’s actually asking.

Move on if you don’t know a question.
It’s okay if you are unsure about a question. Just move forward and answer other questions so you don’t waste time. That way, you will be able to finish the test properly. You can always come back to the question later. Sometimes other questions will help you answer the one you were stuck on. 

Relax and tell yourself positive affirmations.
Tell yourself, “I can do hard things” or “I am good and getting better.” This can boost your self esteem and help you to feel good about taking your test! Relax and take deep breaths. Remember, finals are a small percentage of your overall grade.  

I hope  you’ll be more assured and confident after reading these tips.  Good luck.
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